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how to snowball results

Here’s what most brands do… They work hard on a product, service, book, or idea. They build the website. They hammer out the delivery. They set their launch date. They even add the pièce de résistance… And then they release it. They spend time, energy, and money presenting their work to the world. Maybe they buy… Continue Reading

may the smartest marketer win…

The marketing world is a bit like a kitchen sink… And, by kitchen sink I mean a sink FULL of everything in your kitchen. Overflowing. Jam-packed. Overwhelming. Full. It’s like the kitchen sink that you witness on Thanksgiving at 9pm.  Ya know, the sink that makes you want to eat those last 3 pieces of pumpkin… Continue Reading

The house that money built

Does money bring happiness? That’s one hell of a question. My gut response is always, “No, certainly you can be happy without money.” The happiest moments of my life have had absolutely nothing to do with money. But, then again… All other things being equal, I’d choose money over no money every time. Because, being… Continue Reading

Why We Procrastinate

Procrastination. It can be our worst enemy, always keeping us from doing what’s most important. It hangs there, blocking us from success, keeping us in unhealthy situations, and preventing us from experiencing our fullest potential. Procrastination can seem like a frustrating mystery. Why would we put off doing important work? Why do we stall and… Continue Reading

unleash the eager

We are born eager. Enthusiastic. We are born with the capacity to have our minds blown on the regular. We are easily excited. Easily psyched. We are overflowing with energy. As kids, we run as fast as we can. We laugh really hard, at everything. Nothing can slow us down. Because we’re eager. We’re explorers,… Continue Reading

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