Stacy Rust

Marketing Strategist

This place is all about marketing.

(But, not the kind of marketing you’re used to.)

Here, the world of marketing is being redefined and reinvented.

We’re shaking it up and doing it differently.

We’ve found a better way.

Here, marketing is not just a stack of sales strategies and taglines.

It’s not a to-do list or a 10-step formula.

Here, marketing is bigger than all of that. It’s an ongoing conversation.

It’s detailed and fascinating.

It gets to the very heart of what makes us all tick.

Here, the field of marketing is really the study of human beings.

So, there’s no assembly line advice or a one-size-fits-all approach.

It’s more elegant and nuanced than that.

Here, we believe that marketing exists in every piece of your company culture… the way you lead, the way you design your products, and the way you serve your customers.

So, marketing must be an ongoing discussion, a continuous examination of how to provide the most value, how to lead with integrity, and how to connect with those who matter most.

Here, we have those conversations.

We ask a lot of big questions..

What does the customer want (that they’re afraid to say out loud)?

How do we get their attention?

How can we serve better?

How can our industry improve?

And, we ask the challenging, in-depth questions…

What makes us change, speak up, join a cause, evolve, or learn?

What’s at the core of our decisions?

Where’s the uncharted territory, and how do we lead others there?

How to we best connect with the world around us?

And because we ask the right questions, we start to recognize that great marketing ideas and great business practices reach into many areas of life.

Here, we believe that marketing, psychology and philosophy are inextricably connected.

And when we combine ideas from these 3 fields, the result is not only products and services that fly off the shelves, but messaging that resonates in the hearts and minds of our customers.

This approach to marketing is what brings people together, creates movements, builds lasting business success, and commands industry influence.

This kind of marketing starts from a greater understanding of who we are and what we want.

Here we believe that marketing, at it’s core, is what drives our world forward.

Because, when done right, marketing means brilliant communication, innovation, problem-solving and the creation of opportunities.

With marketing like this, businesses are in the unique position to make our highest hopes of the planet an almost immediate reality.

So here, marketing is not only about products and profits, it’s about change and how to build a better life for all.

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