Stacy Rust

Marketing Strategist

This place is all about marketing.

(But, not necessarily the marketing you’re used to.)

Here, the world of marketing is being redefined and reinvented.

It’s not a list of sales tactics and catchy slogans.

It’s not about pushing people toward a purchase.

Here, marketing is bigger than all of that.

It gets to the very heart of what makes us click, buy, and engage with brands.

Here, the field of marketing is really the study of human beings.

It’s the study of what motivates us, excites us, moves us, and gets us to act.

Because great marketing exists in every corner of a company… it lives in the way brands lead, design products, and serve customers.

So, marketing must be an ongoing discussion, a continuous study of how to produce great work, how to write and speak in a compelling way, and how to quickly and effectively reach the market.

Here, marketing is about the big vision and the tiniest details.

It involves asking challenging questions..

What does the customer really want?

How do we capture the attention of a market?

What does it take to stand out?

And, diving deep…

What makes a person change, speak up, take action, or learn?

How do people make micro-decisions?

What makes for an impeccable customer experience?

Here, a conversation about marketing is also a conversation about psychology and philosophy.

Because great marketing includes an understanding of human behavior, motivation, ethics, vision, and the betterment of other people’s lives.

And when ideas from these 3 fields are brought together, the result is not only products and services that fly off the shelves, but messaging that resonates in the hearts and minds of a market.

It not only means bigger profits, but happier customers and better work.

This approach to marketing is what makes for long term success and a bigger impact.

With marketing like this, businesses are in the unique position to improve their bottom line while also making a difference in their communities and around the world.

Let’s begin.

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Two Ideas

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Better marketing starts with two important shifts.

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Marketing smarter, not bigger

Marketing smarter, not bigger

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The Yes Chain

The Yes Chain

Every customer experience should have a Yes Chain. A series of yeses, clicks, nods, agreements, permissions… all leading up to the big commitment, the purchase. Most of us focus on the one big “yes” and don’t create a trail of smaller yeses that feed into the process. Counterintuitive as it may seem, asking for more…

Are you entertaining or interrupting?

Are you entertaining or interrupting?

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How much are you asking from your customer?

How much are you asking from your customer?

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No Detail is Too Small

No Detail is Too Small

In business, every detail sends a message. And, often the most impactful opportunities lie in the smallest details of the work. These moments are when trust is earned, respect is granted, and loyalty sparks. Every company has holes, gaps, problems, and misalignments. Large ones and small ones. Most companies have so many gaps that it…

When Marketing is Awkward

When Marketing is Awkward

Marketing is awkward, especially in the beginning. Talking about your work, promoting your latest album, telling your peers and colleagues that you have an idea for a new business venture… it’s awkward. Printing business cards, going to networking events, starting a company with your name on the front door… all awkward. (Writing this blog for…

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