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Stacy Rust is a marketing strategist, writer, and advisor. Her mission is to get your work, your ideas, your products, and your services into the hands and hearts of more people. After working in Creative Services at the BBC Worldwide in London, and then as an Account Executive at a private advertising agency in Minnesota, she struck out on her own to provide fresh, unique, and in-depth strategy to companies around the world. Today, Stacy leads her global community of thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives with insightful advice and practical strategy on how to create impactful work, build an eager audience, develop messages that spread, and grow thriving businesses from the ground up.


I’d like to shed some light on my latest strategies, reigning philosophies, and the ever-changing and ever-expanding role of marketing and business in our lives.

This note to you is my way of introducing (or re-introducing) myself to you and reminding you of why the extensive world of marketing, communication, and entrepreneurship is so important not only to me, but to the whole planet.

This letter is my promise to continue to do better and to keep learning exactly how to use innovation and communication to build the world we wish to see.


It’s only fair that you know this… I’m here for purely selfish reasons.

Of course it sounds better to say that I’m here to be of service to entrepreneurs and companies, but if I’m truly honest, I’m here due to my own fascination with humans, innovation, psychology, communication, and the world of business.

I built this space solely for my own enjoyment.

So believe me when I say, I’m more humbled and honored to have you here than I could possibly put into words.

It has been, and continues to be, utterly unexpected.

Another thing you should know… I’m not only here because I’m selfish, but also because I’m stubborn.

My stubbornness and selfishness became most clear to me my freshman year of college, when I was asked to choose a major, to choose a direction for my career.

Like many college kids, this decision felt suffocating and overwhelming.

Faced with options that felt lacking and incomplete, I stubbornly decided to bypass the choice.

Instead of choosing one major, I would take a path that wasn’t neatly defined.

I found myself pulled in 3 directions: business, psychology, and philosophy. And, instead of choosing one, I decided I was going to study it all.

So, I stubbornly decided to design my own education, taking the appropriate business courses for my declared majors but also adamantly fitting in courses in philosophy and psychology on the side.

I filled my schedule with advertising, finance, and management, and also hustled across campus to fit in ethics, psychology labs, and creative writing.

Because, to me these worlds are and have always been deeply and inextricably connected.

To me, the ideas in these fields were vital to a strong business education, and if I was going to invest my time and resources in a college education, then I was damn well going to learn what I felt was important.


I made the decision that my career focus would be to learn the ins and outs of what made people tick.

I wanted to learn how we human beings operate, from what we buy to where we travel to how we live. I wanted to know exactly why we do what we do.

I wanted to examine the beliefs, emotions, and ideas of others, and learn how these things create the human experience.

I craved research and exploration into how people make decisions, and how people navigate their lives, their problems, and even the aisles of a store.

I wanted to know why some people embrace religion and others don’t, why some people commit crimes and others follow the rules, and how we all find meaning and purpose in our lives.

So, I took the classes that I found valuable.

I stubbornly built my own education and continue to do so.

When I left college, I expected to find a world that reflected what I thought it should be, a world of commerce and solutions rooted deeply in the teachings of psychology, consumer behavior, and the enlightenment of philosophical teachings.

I, like many young people, believed I’d be walking into a world that looked exactly like the ideals I held onto.

But, instead I found the same stark separation among the worlds of business, philosophy, and psychology as I’d found in school.

The marketing industry looked a lot like my business classes, which I felt were fantastic, but missing some key components.

So, I quickly learned that working for someone else wasn’t an option for me.

And, stubborn as always, I built my own way.

That’s what this place is for.

I built this company because I very much needed a company like this to exist.

I built it because I’m too selfish and stubborn to have it any other way.

I built this place because I truly believe if the world doesn’t look the way you want, then your job is to make it so.

If you can’t find the resources that you need, create them.

Design what you need.

Don’t settle for what exists. Build the things you crave.

And I don’t just mean products and services.

Build your whole life.

Design every inch of it to your exact specifications.

Don’t allow others’ expectations to dictate your choices.

So, that’s also what this place is about.

It’s about blazing your own path.

It won’t be easy but, if you’re like me, it’s the only option that makes sense.


So here, in this place, marketing is being reinvented.

Here, marketing is approached differently.

Here, marketing is not just a stack of sales strategies and taglines.

It’s not a to-do list or a 10-step formula.

Here, marketing is an ongoing conversation.

It’s the result of research and contributions from many fields of study.

It’s nuanced, detailed, and fascinating.

Here, the world of marketing is as complex and intriguing as the human psyche itself.

It encompasses leadership, emotion, ethics, progress, philosophy, psychology, confidence, love, and behavioral science.

It taps into our values, preferences, hunger for knowledge, and our deepest motivations as a species.

There’s no assembly line advice and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Here, we believe that marketing is bigger than that. It’s ingrained in your company’s very DNA. It exists in the way you lead, the way you speak, and the way you serve your customers.

So it must be an ongoing discussion, a continuous examination of how to provide the most value, how to lead with integrity, and how to connect day after day.


The most successful and impactful companies are those that have both the courage to ask the right questions and the conviction to continually seek out the truest answers.

Questions like…

What makes us change, speak up, join a cause, evolve, learn, or buy?

What makes us share?

What’s at the core of our decisions?

What does the customer really want?

What is the customer afraid to say out loud?

How do we get her attention?

How can we serve better?

How can the industry be improved?

Where’s the uncharted territory, and how do we lead others there?

These kinds of questions, and the lifelong pursuit of their answers is the purpose of this digital space.

I believe to my core that the companies who dare to answer these kinds of questions are those that rise to the top of their industries and those that truly change the world and the lives of their customers.

So that’s my mission here.

That’s the reason I created my company.

That’s the reason I show up here every day.

It is to help you ask the right questions, and dig up the answers.

From leadership to packaging to social media conversations… how do we do better?

How do we create products, services, and messages worth sharing?

And what does it really take to be heard in a world that feels louder every day?


Human psychology is at the absolute core of everything you’ll find here.

To more deeply understand ourselves and those we serve is the greatest use of our time, money, talents, and resources.

And, this isn’t just some “feel good” idealism, this approach has the greatest impact on our bottom-line results.

Over the years, I’ve curated a set of resources, books, and experts truly breaking ground.

I’ve found professionals I deeply respect and admire who study marketing and teach business strategies that are not only brilliant, but incorporate a deep respect for human psychology.

Here, we have a reverence for customer attention and hold the ideas of entrepreneurship and commerce in the highest regard.

Here, all marketing methods, theories, and practices are built around these principles.


I have a deep love for business because I believe it’s the avenue to a better life for all.

By solving problems and creating opportunities, businesses are in the unique position to make our highest hopes of the world an almost immediate reality.

Business and entrepreneurship, to me, is the most direct outlet for human evolution, expansion, and progress. How we choose to spend our time, attention, money, and resources across countries and industries is the most immediate way we experience change.

The world of business almost vibrates with this potential. I feel it every day when I work with inspired entrepreneurs and startups bursting with energy.

And, as the barriers to business keep dissolving and more people decide to start companies, this potential seems to grow by the second.

A simple definition of business is… to create an experience for another human being.

And, what an extraordinary opportunity and sacred privilege it is.

To create an experience, a memory, a solution, or an opportunity for another is to be of the greatest service.

As we step into the world of business, our strengths of imagination, ingenuity, and resolve then become our greatest assets and our only limitations.

From our deepest primal instincts to our grandest visions of what is possible for ourselves and the planet, it all becomes possible.

This vibrant sense of possibility is why I choose to work in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Because every day I get to meet people and see projects that drive the world forward.

I believe there is no greater privilege.


I love marketing. Everybody who knows me well, knows that.

But, now I ask that you not only tolerate marketing, but fall in love with it too.

Because if you don’t love your marketing, nobody else will.

Maya Angelou once said, “happiness is liking who you are, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”.

My contribution to the marketing world is built of this third part, “liking how you do it”.

You must like how you market your work.

Liking your products and services, but not liking how you communicate them to the world is not only unsustainable, but unwise.

If your marketing is not aligned with your values, if it’s not fun, then you, your employees, and your customers will push back in a myriad of subtle and disrupting ways.

You will be at a disadvantage.

So, my mission is to also reinvent marketing so it feels good deep in your soul.

In my experience, if entrepreneurs and executives don’t deeply enjoy the marketing of their work, it simply doesn’t get done with conviction or consistency.

And if you don’t market your work enthusiastically, growth will be slow and painful at best, and non-existent at worst.

My intention is to help you build a style of marketing that excites you instead of frustrates you.

Because marketing is not a “necessary pill to be swallowed” or a series of hurdles to jump and cross a finish line.

Instead, marketing is a way of interacting with your audience and doing business that feels right in your gut.

Marketing shouldn’t be simply a list of tasks or obligations, but rather a better way of doing business every day.


To be a good marketer means that you deeply value communication in a way similar to that of the artist.

Artists hone their craft, every inch of it, to convey the exact message and emotions they wish to impart to their viewer.

Brilliant marketers bring to the table this exact virtue.

They infuse every ounce of their marketing with life, love, service, and their core brand values.

They leave nothing to chance.

They reject the vague, ambiguous, careless, interruptive style of outdated marketing that is so common and instead embrace a more meaningful, personal, and compelling approach.

It is not enough to make a sale. We must also make a connection.

Consumers are starting to demand it.

We must be a part of something better.

Our marketing must be a work of art.


Putting your hard work in front of others to judge, criticize, love, or hate is not only a challenge professionally, but it requires enormous amounts of personal bravery, confidence, and resilience.

It requires vulnerability and mental stamina.

Building a business means you’ll screw up at least a few times.

And, when you fall down, you’ll have to pull yourself back up again.

And that, my friend, I’ve done many, many times.

So, here is the place where we talk about all of it… marketing, business strategy, social media, consumer psychology, behavioral science, confidence, leadership, self-doubt and how to build a good life.

This is a no-holds-barred space where we can work out our strategy, our methods, and our mental capacity for failure and success.

Here, we figure out what makes us (and our customers) tick.

Here we believe that marketing, at it’s core, is what drives our world forward.

Here, marketing is about change and it’s about building a better life for all.

Here, marketing is about lifting ourselves and each other up.

Here, marketing is about asking the right questions.

Here, marketing is always being reinvented.

Here, marketing is sacred.

Here, marketing is an opportunity for more.

Here, marketing is a magnificent work of art.

Here, marketing is queen.




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