The Omega sessions

a day of in-depth marketing strategy

An Omega session is an 8-hour, in-person private marketing strategy session with Stacy Rust for executive and leadership teams.

An Omega session provides the space and structure for in-depth marketing planning. Omega is open to small businesses, large corporations, start-ups, independent artists, and non-profit organizations of all sizes, stages, and revenues looking for clarity, growth, and market expansion.

A clear brand vision

A Day Focused on Growth & Expansion

An Omega session allows organizations to brainstorm, strategize, and plan for the next year of business growth. Omega is a full day of laser-focused visioning, strategy work, and mapping out the details of how to bring that refreshed company vision to life.

An Incubator Environment Away From the Office

Omega is an opportunity to step out of your day-to-day operations and focus on the future. You and your team will spend the day with Stacy honing your long term company vision and mapping out a specific path to get there.

This incubator environment allows your team to turn their attention to big company goals and gives them the space and time for brilliant brainstorming and long term strategic planning. Leaps in performance often require organizations to set their daily tasks aside for a few hours and immerse themselves in important conversations and decisions about growth, innovation, and new market opportunities.

fresh outreach STRATEGY

Stacy firmly believes a custom marketing strategy is the only strategy. Cookie-cutter marketing is simply a waste of time and money, not only for brands but for consumers as well. When companies look to other brands for marketing direction or strategy, everybody loses.

An Omega session is an opportunity to craft and tweak that custom plan.

Connecting With a Whole Wide World of Customers

In an Omega session, Stacy will hone in on two important areas of business growth: developing streams of new customers and bolstering the current customer base. Long term business success is not only about finding new markets and new customers, but also about keeping current customers happy (and, happy enough to recommend your work to others).

It's vital that every company look hard at their outreach strategy and learn what works for their specific products and services, their brand, their tone, their industry, and their unique audience of customers.

The 360° Model & Implementation Plan

Stacy uses her 360° Growth Model with brands. With this model, teams are able to see specific areas of growth within their companies and continue to find ways to improve their marketing communications for years to come. Increased profit is possible month after month with the right tools and systems for growth, improvement, and expansion.

Using this model, Stacy will work side-by-side with you and your team designing your unique implementation plan. Together, you'll map out the details of your long term brand vision. Big ideas have a tendency to sit in our minds or in our notebooks if we don't have a concrete action plan for bringing those ideas to life week-by-week. You and your team will leave your Omega session not only with an exciting, profitable vision for the future of your brand, but with a detailed plan on how to bring that vision to life.

Whether you're new to the world of marketing or a seasoned leader in your field, you will walk away with a marketing plan that you and your team can put into action immediately.

The Details

Travel and Preparations

An Omega session is an 8-hour in-person strategy session for 5-7 executive team members.

Stacy is located in Minneapolis, MN and conducts Omega sessions from her local office.

Additionally, Stacy is available to travel throughout the US and internationally upon request on select dates.

Investment and Scheduling

The Omega investment is determined by dates, locations, and availability. Packages begin at $8000 USD.

Sessions will be scheduled as quickly as possible, but typically take place 3-6 weeks after inquiry. If you have any questions about dates, scheduling, or session details, contact for assistance.

Get Started

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Meet Stacy

Stacy Rust is a Minneapolis-based marketing strategist, writer, and advisor. From locally-owned shops to multi-million dollar brands, she helps organizations around the globe craft world-class marketing strategy.

With an innovative, in-depth approach to marketing and over a decade of education, research, and on-the-ground experience, Stacy's strategy work allows companies to captivate audiences, grow revenues quickly, and create authentic, powerful marketing messages. 

After working in Creative Services at the BBC Worldwide in London, and then as an Account Executive at a private advertising agency in the US, she struck out on her own to provide fresh, unique strategy to business leaders around the world. 

Today, Stacy leads her global community of thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives with new ideas on how to create impactful work that spreads, grow an engaged audience, and develop messages that not only sell products, but create a strong customer relationship that ripples through a market.

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