Who’s the star of the show?

In your organization, who’s the star of the show? In many companies, there’s a star… that person (or group of people) that is considered the “main event”, the reason why customers come and spend their dollars. The star might be the craftsman… The lead performer on stage… The salesperson… The CEO… The latest product… The […]

Marketing smarter, not bigger

So many business owners dream of scale. Parlaying a great idea into an extensive line of products, services, books, and even a movie deal… The dream is that huge audience… A large brand presence… We dream of products reaching around the globe, in the hands of millions. The more income streams, the better. Because, we […]

The Yes Chain

Every customer experience should have a Yes Chain. A series of yeses, clicks, nods, agreements, permissions… all leading up to the big commitment, the purchase. Most of us focus on the one big “yes” and don’t create a trail of smaller yeses that feed into the process. Counterintuitive as it may seem, asking for more […]

Are you entertaining or interrupting?

Much of marketing interrupts entertainment. Facebook… TV… Instagram… Radio… People show up in these places to be entertained. So, if brands are going to participate on these platforms seeking the attention (and dollar bills) of the market, then one strategy to consider is providing more of what folks actually came for… entertainment. Celebrities promote products […]

How much are you asking from your customer?

When you sell something to a customer, what are you really asking for in return? What’s the investment? The answer involves money, yes. But it’s more than that. Purchases also require time, attention, energy, involvement, commitment, and emotion… They require decision-making, risk, effort, and trust. And, the purchase is often only the first step in […]

No Detail is Too Small

In business, every detail sends a message. And, often the most impactful opportunities lie in the smallest details of the work. These moments are when trust is earned, respect is granted, and loyalty sparks. Every company has holes, gaps, problems, and misalignments. Large ones and small ones. Most companies have so many gaps that it […]

When Marketing is Awkward

Marketing is awkward, especially in the beginning. Talking about your work, promoting your latest album, telling your peers and colleagues that you have an idea for a new business venture… it’s awkward. Printing business cards, going to networking events, starting a company with your name on the front door… all awkward. (Writing this blog for […]

The 30% Rule on Social

With the arrival of the internet, businesses now have the opportunity to reach customers around the globe. And, customers have endless purchase options. Almost every market is now a global market. To succeed in this era of the internet and connect with your market, of course it’s important to sell great stuff, deliver on time, […]

When Hustling Hurts Business

As business owners, a line of customers out the door seems like the Holy Grail. But, when that moment finally comes, it’s often not as wonderful as it would seem. Here’s what happens… You work hard for months (or years) creating products and services people want. You market and get out there and shout from […]

Smart companies build customers

Here’s what most companies do… They work hard on a product, service, book, or idea. They build the website. They hammer out the delivery. They set their launch date. They place the final, finishing touch. Then, they release it. They spend time, energy, and money presenting their work to the world. Maybe they buy some […]