Winners and Whiners


Many people teach us to ignore our pain. 

To suck it up. 

To deal with it silently. 

To tolerate it. 

Or, to deny it. 

Worst of all, society often teaches us that pain is inescapable. 

That struggle is a normal part of daily life. 

That pain is to be expected. 

Part of growing up. 

Part of being an adult. 

Specifically, part of work. 

After all, nobody really likes their job...

That’s why it’s called work, right?

Everyone hates Mondays.

We’re all working for the weekend.

Toughen up.

Life is hard.

Work is harder.

So, many are left disenchanted, expecting work to be a killjoy.

But, the most successful among us are highly sensitive to pain. 

Their tolerance is low. 

They feel everything. 

Even if they don’t show it on the outside... on the inside, they whine. 

They complain (even if it’s just for a second, even if it's in the privacy of their own thoughts). 

They bend to discomfort. 

They notice it. 

They acknowledge it as abnormal. 

They feel when things could be even marginally better. 

They pay special attention to their pain and discomfort. 

They always make a plan to fix it. 

And, they have better lives and more fulfilling careers because of it. 

Discomfort is a call to action. 

So, don’t suck it up.

Don’t tolerate pain. 

Feel everything. 

Understand exactly what you love, and exactly what you hate. 

Be picky. 

Be a whiner. 

Be highly sensitive. 

Especially when it comes to your work. 

And, then when you notice something is off, do something about it. 

Maybe being a whiner is actually the very first step to being a winner.

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