Who's the star of the show?


In your organization, who's the star of the show?

In many companies, there's a star... that person (or group of people) that is considered the "main event", the reason why customers come and spend their dollars.

The star might be the craftsman...The lead performer on stage...

The salesperson...The CEO...

The latest product...The immaculate service...

There's a powerful temptation to look for the star within an organization, a core person or specific part of the company that is guaranteed to keep folks coming back even if everything else falls apart.

And, it's easy to focus on the star, to make sure they have what they need, polish their performance, and push them to always be at their very best.

But, the reality is the star of the show is different for every customer and every transaction... and the star changes by the second depending on what the customer needs.

Because, customers aren't actually paying to see a star, they're paying for the whole show. 

Customers aren't buying just an item from you, they're buying the entire experience, beginning to end.

The star of the show is simply the person in any given instance who is interacting with the customer, creating something for the customer, or working on their behalf.

The star is whatever your customer is focused on in that specific moment.

And, this is as true if you sell concert tickets as it is if you sell lawn mowers.

Any person, thing, or circumstance can impact the customer experience.

And, it's often the smallest of moments that will determine whether a customer returns.

Slip up on the small things and it makes no difference how great the star was. 

Because, to the customer there is no star, it's an ensemble.

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