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skillful vs. successful

Here’s one hard truth about success… It won’t be given to you. Because skillful doesn’t equal successful. We’re taught early in school that if you’re great, you will reap the rewards. If you’re smart, someone will notice and give you an A. But, in the marketplace, things are different. Being noticed is not part of… Continue Reading

Your Tribe

Build your tribe. That’s your number one priority. Whatever you dream of, whatever you want, you need a tribe to get there. You need people. Support. Champions. Advocates. Like-minded comrades. Folks to cheer you on, talk about your work, and share your stuff with their friends. You need cheerleaders. You need a team. Because doing it… Continue Reading

Nope, too easy

When it comes to making money, most of us say we want it to be easy. But, I’m starting to realize that’s not exactly true. Easy is fine in theory… but, in practice, it seems that we actually prefer it to be difficult. Because, easy is frightening. It’s unfamiliar. It’s uncomfortable. It’s most likely too… Continue Reading

“use your words”

I read an article the other day that highlighted how “use your words” is becoming the iconic catch phrase of Millennial parents. Millennials are teaching their kids to “use their words” in all situations, and articulate exactly what’s wrong, what’s right, and how they feel. Especially in tantrum situations. I don’t have kids yet… but… Continue Reading

winners and whiners

Many people teach us to ignore our pain. To suck it up. To deal with it silently. To tolerate it. Or, to deny it. Worst of all, society often teaches us that pain is normal. That struggle is just part of life. That pain is inevitable. Part of growing up. Part of being an adult.… Continue Reading

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