Marketing Is Like Poker (If You Could Choose Your Cards)


Poker is about two things.

The first is your hand... the actual cards themselves.

The quality of your hand is your ability to win once the cards are out on the table. 

The second is your skill... your words, your actions, and your demeanor. It's about how well you can convince the people at the table to believe what you want them to believe about your cards. 

Some folks are great at the game. 

They can outplay even the best hand because they’ve mastered their behavior. 

Because of this, they often leave the table with a lot of money. 

And, others can lose even with the best cards, because they haven't developed their skill. 

Marketing is a lot like poker… if you could pick your hand.

Some companies have crappy cards. They sell products and services that are mediocre at best. But, they know how to play the game, so they make money (and often beat out their most worthy competitors). 

These marketers can sell just about anything because they know what do to get folks to pull out their wallets. 

Other companies have great cards, maybe even the best cards. They produce incredible products and services, but they walk away without much money because they really don't know how to play the game. 

The unbeatable poker player not only plays the game, but always has the cards to back it up. 

The unbeatable brands do the same. 

So, pick the best cards. And learn how to play.

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