How much are you asking from your customer?


When you sell something to a customer, what are you really asking for in return? 

What's the investment? 

The answer involves money, yes. 

But it's more than that. 

Purchases also require time, attention, energy, involvement, commitment, and emotion... 

They require decision-making, risk, effort, and trust. 

And, the purchase is often only the first step in getting real results. 

Results usually require more. 

So, what is the customer really after? 

And, what will it take (on their part) to actually get there? 

What are you really asking of your customer? 

What's the exchange? 

And, which customers are capable of and willing to make that exchange? 

It's vital that you know the answers to these questions. 

Because, the answers might change how you talk about your work, how you engage with your customers, and how you position your products and services in the marketplace. 

The answers might completely change how you market your company.

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