Who Do You Build Things For?


One vital question to ask at the beginning of any business venture is... 

Who do you create for?

Who do you build things for?

Do you create for you? 

Or for us? 

For yourself? 

Or for your audience? 

It's the first question you must ask when starting a company, and you must keep returning to the answer. 

There is no right answer, but if you don't know the answer to that question, your strategy will suffer. 

Because knowing the answer to this question gives your work focus and will deeply influence the tone and direction of your marketing. 

Not knowing the answer to this question means disjointed and ineffective marketing. 

So, do you create for you? Or for your customers? 

Creating for you is art. 

Creating for you is personal. 

Creating for you is spectacular to witness. 

Because when you create for you, you inspire us all. 

You show us another perspective. 

You open our eyes to new ideas, new ways of looking at the world. 

You tell your story and we start to see our own story in a new light. 

Creating for you is beautiful. 

And, it's an essential part of the business world. 

Much of what we buy is, at its core, art. 

Products and services that were created out of a personal need, a stroke of inspiration, or an urge for self-expression. 

Companies that build things born from their own creativity, imagination, and heart are companies that often leave a lasting mark. 

Creating for you is wonderful and necessary. 

And, creating for customers is just as beautiful. 

Creating something designed for another is being of true service. 

It often means providing a necessary service. 

It involves putting yourself in another person's shoes and building something to meet their needs. 

Creating for others means putting them first. 

When you create for your customers, you prioritize their quality of life and work to improve it. 

You work to make life easier and better for others. 

You’re the fixer. 

The problem solver. 

The alleviator of suffering. 

Companies that build things for others see a market need and deliver again and again. 

So, who do you create for? 

For you, or for us? 

There is no right answer. 

But, your marketing changes depending on your answer. 

The way you operate your business changes depending on your answer. 

Who you hire, how you hire, how you speak about your work, how you choose to promote your work, how you measure your success, and how you operate will likely change depending on the answer. 

So answer carefully.


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