Marketing smarter, not bigger

So many business owners dream of scale.

Parlaying a great idea into an extensive line of products, services, books, and even a movie deal…

The dream is that huge audience…

A large brand presence…

We dream of products reaching around the globe, in the hands of millions.

The more income streams, the better.

Because, we believe scale leads to higher earnings.

But, the problem is many things don’t end up scaling profitably.

And, when things do scale, they almost never scale in the way we might have predicted.

Not every idea lends itself to big branding, extended product lines, and large scale sales.

So, sometimes the smartest, most profitable way forward is to stay lean and quick.

Agile and adaptable, rather than bloated or over-extended.

Because, scale often means it takes longer to make changes or shift direction.

Scale often means large stocks of inventory.

Scale often leads to bigger overhead, more complicated fulfillment, and extra unforeseeable expenses.

Scale sometimes just makes you heavier and slower.

Scale often equates to your dollar bills getting eaten up.

Resist the urge to take a good idea and scale, scale, scale.

Sometimes, the attention, profit, and glory comes from being more strategic.

Sometimes, it’s smarter to simply raise prices or introduce a new offer to the market.

Sometimes, the way to success is by marketing smarter rather than marketing bigger.

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Stacy Rust is a marketing strategist, writer, and advisor. Her mission is to get your work, your ideas, your products, and your services into the hands and hearts of more people. After working in Creative Services at the BBC Worldwide in London, and then as an Account Executive at a private advertising agency in Minnesota, she struck out on her own to provide fresh, unique, and in-depth strategy to companies around the world. Today, Stacy leads her global community of thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives with insightful advice and practical strategy on how to create impactful work, build an eager audience, develop messages that spread, and grow thriving businesses from the ground up.

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