the two boulders you need to start rolling

To get the word out about your business…

To share your talents…

To get more folks on board with your goals…

You have to always be rolling two boulders forward.

Some people prefer to focus on one.

Some prefer to focus on the other.

But, you have to roll them both.

Ignore one, and you’ll get stuck.

Because, the thing most people don’t realize is… these two boulders are chained together.

You can only move one forward so far before the other one starts to hold it back.

So, picking one boulder and putting all your energy behind it is a losing game.

You’d be wasting your time and effort.

You have to roll them both.


The first boulder is marketing.

You need a deep understanding of marketing to move your goals ahead.

And, by marketing, I don’t mean “sales tactics”, but rather the fascinating and complex reasons behind why we buy and why we choose to spend our time and attention on certain things over others.

What motivates human beings?

What drives them to action?

What inspires them?

What do they really want?

Why do they choose one product over another?

Why do they choose to donate to this important cause over that one?

What makes people talk and share?

What makes people rally behind an idea?

When you understand these concepts, that first boulder starts rolling forward.

Then, there’s the second boulder, mindset.

To understand the world around you is one thing, but to succeed, you must also understand yourself.

Why is it challenging to promote yourself?

Why does it feel gross to sell in a certain way?

Why is it uncomfortable to stand in the spotlight?

Why does it feel safer to hide behind a logo rather than share your own photos?

What if you release that new idea and it doesn’t take off?

What if you run into people who criticize and pick apart your goals and dreams?

What if you become rich and famous, but turn into a jerk?

What if you get everything you want, and then screw it up?

Marketing will only get you so far before mindset starts to trip you up.

And, working on your mindset will only get you so far without a deep understanding of the behaviors and motivations of others.

If you want to bring your dreams to life, you need to remember that those two boulders are chained together, and there’s no separating them.

Roll them both forward.

Always aim to more deeply and completely understand those around you.

To understand your fellow human is to be an incredible communicator and contributor to the world.

And, always aim to more deeply and completely understand yourself.

Know what makes you tick.

Know what holds you back.

If you find yourself stuck, it’s because one of those boulders is being ignored.

Many people ignore both of these boulders.

Some fortunate people pick one, roll it forward, and enjoy some of the benefits.

And, the wildly successful among us understand the immeasurable value of both boulders, and are always working to roll them along.

The way to get what you want is to roll them both.


Understand others better.

Understand yourself better.

This is a cycle that will serve you in every arena of your life.

Roll them both.

And, you’ll get where you want to go quickly.

Stacy Rust

Stacy Rust

Stacy Rust is a marketing strategist, writer, and advisor. Her mission is to get your work, your ideas, your products, and your services into the hands and hearts of more people. Stacy leads her global community of thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives with candid advice and practical strategy on how to create great work, build an audience, and grow a thriving business from the ground up.
Stacy Rust

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