Your Tribe

Build your tribe.

That’s your number one priority.

Whatever you dream of, whatever you want, you need a tribe to get there.

You need people.




Like-minded comrades.

Folks to cheer you on, talk about your work, and share your stuff with their friends.

You need cheerleaders.

You need a team.

Because doing it alone is not just hard, it’s impossible.

If you want to make a living, make a difference, build something great… you need a tribe.

You need endorsements, recommendations, and other people pointing to your stuff saying, “yes, it’s worth paying attention to”.

You need customers, partners, and friends.

You need people.

And, all that is easier than you think.

It doesn’t take a huge advertising budget.

It doesn’t take an Ivy League education.

It doesn’t take years of sleazy networking events, fake handshakes, and endless legwork.

There’s a science behind it.

It’s doable.

It doesn’t have to be a mystery.

It doesn’t have to be a matter of luck or timing or perfect branding.

It’s within your control.

It’s within your immediate grasp.

It’s a skill you can learn.

It’s a skill you must learn if you want to do great work.

Because it’s not enough to be talented, and hardworking, and eager.

You must also know how to build your tribe.

Without your tribe, you’re on your own.

And, being on your own is tough.

Being on your own is not how it’s meant to be.

We’re not wired that way.

We’re meant to belong to tribes.

We’re meant to build tribes.

We’re meant to help each other.

We’re meant to gather, connect, and collaborate.

So, go meet people.

Have conversations.

Be accessible.

Be real.

Be human.

Build your tribe.

And, the rest will fall into place.

Stacy Rust

Stacy Rust

Stacy Rust is a marketing strategist, writer, and advisor. Her mission is to get your work, your ideas, your products, and your services into the hands and hearts of more people. Stacy leads her global community of thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives with candid advice and practical strategy on how to create great work, build an audience, and grow a thriving business from the ground up.
Stacy Rust

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