Lazy No More

“Lazy” is a term that’s rarely relevant.

People aren’t lazy.

Laziness doesn’t exist, not really…

It’s a term that can describe a wide range of circumstances.

It’s a word that glosses over human intricacies.

And, as managers and leaders, it’s a word that gives us permission to ignore the root cause of poor performance or a lack of “results”.

Is anyone really lazy? No.








Overworked? Under appreciated? And underpaid?

Most likely.

But lazy?


What appears to be laziness is often a byproduct of difficult circumstances, conflicting expectations, or hazy instructions.

Misinformation, extremely high stakes, or a lack of specificity might also result in something that looks like laziness…

Ask too much of someone and you might leave them paralyzed.

Paralysis often looks like laziness, but they are wildly different things.

“Lazy” is not the answer.

“Lazy” is a term that is often wielded as a weapon.

And, that weapon is particularly sharp and wounding when we use it against ourselves.

But, the use of the word “lazy” is a copout.

It’s a harmful way to generalize the problem and absolve oneself of any responsibility to find a solution.

Maybe using the word “lazy” is lazy.

It’s a way to keep ourselves from doing the real work and finding the real problems that exist.

Lazy is a label that lacks any real meaning.

“Lazy” is a band-aid that makes us feel as if we’re addressing a problem without really doing the hard work.

Because, laziness is an illusion.

May we all be “lazy” no more.

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