Why We Buy Tickets to the Show

Anyone with a technical background in dance will tell you that technique only goes so far.

Technique doesn’t make a dancer great.

Technique doesn’t make a dancer interesting to watch.

Technique is necessary, but it’s far from sufficient for an entertaining performance.

Technique doesn’t earn attention.

Performance is about attitude.



There’s a spark that no amount of technique can teach.

Dance comes from the soul.

Dance is about your eyes as much as your feet.

This is also true in business.

If your heart isn’t in it, we can tell.

And, no amount of technique or skill or expertise will make up for it.

Technique is great.

Technique will impress us.

Technique will often win awards and accolades.

But, we didn’t buy a ticket for the technique.

We came for the performance.

We came for the heart.

We came for the passion.

We came to see you dance.

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