What Do You Really Want to Say?

Oprah has called.

The press has flown in.

The hair, makeup, wardrobe crew is finished with their part.

Everything is done.

All the details are handled.

Everything is perfect.

You’ve been given the mic.

The floor is yours.

We’re all here. Everyone.

Our phones are off.

Our minds are clear.

No distractions.

You have our full attention.

There are no time limits.

Nobody is next in line.

You are free to talk as long as you like.

(For the rest of your life, if you wish.)

What would you like to say?

Sometimes we spend so much time and energy trying to get everyone’s attention that we don’t get around to actually saying what it is we came to say.

We debate about what will get the most buzz, the most shares, the most dollar bills, and we don’t actually start the show.

We plan, plan, plan, but never take the microphone.

We hold back our best ideas, our most controversial beliefs, our deepest opinions.

We wait for more attention, more clout, more experience, more support, more leverage, more confidence…

And, we don’t say the big, bold stuff.

We don’t take the big, bold action.

But, right now, some folks ARE listening.

Many ARE watching.

You have the mic.

You’ve won the battle.

The auditorium is quiet.

You have the floor.

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